Conservation Award Winning Maes Glas Caravan Park

We are very proud to have received the David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award for the 20th year running.

For many years we have wanted to have a caravan park with a difference, not uniform rows of caravans with concrete roads and street lighting.

The David Bellamy Award has given us this chance. Maes Glas has therefore been developed to be in harmony with the valley in which it nestles.

The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme has supported and celebrated park business for over 25 years. We are pleased to announce that the scheme is going back to its roots, focusing 100% on biodiversity. In recognition, it has been renamed the

David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature.

By taking the pledge, we can demonstrate our commitment to help nature .

We have also planted many trees and shrubs to provide screening and also to encourage birds and butterflies.

One of our main projects has been the planting of hybrid willows which will be coppiced in future years and which provide screening for grass cuttings.

We do have lighting around the park but it is all low level and energy efficient, so if you want to lie on your back in the middle of the park to observe the stars on a clear night then feel free to do so. It is amazing how many stars and constellations you can see away from the glare of city lights.

We have started a wild flower meadow and hope to encourage local windflowers to grow. This last year we have made a new water feature which gives a more natural feel to the park entrance.

NuthatchThere has been a marked increase in birds spotted at Maes Glas on a regular basis such as owls, nuthatches, goldcrests, thrushes, blackbirds plus the buzzard population which continues to grow with at least four buzzards seen performing fantastic aerobatic displays every day. The year before we made a small stone waterfall beneath a shady tree by the park shop and this has now become a haven for many species of birds including a resident robin, who even raises his family in the tree and bushes beneath.

This year we are busy with a new poly-tunnel and our own bee hives, we look forward to selling our own honey in the shop